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Where to play horse games online?

The best way to build a bond between you and your horse is by starting on the ground. Doing ground work from day one allows you to get to know (and trust) your horse and allows your horse to get to know (and trust) you.

Your goal is to establish leadership by expecting (not demanding) his attention. Do simple things at first (like leading, stopping and backing). Allow him to make mistakes, but patiently show him what you are asking him to do. You may have to show him several times before he figures out what you want.

If he doesn't get it in a few minutes, don't get frustrated. Have him do something that he knows how to do so that the lesson ends on a success. You can try again tomorrow.

The lessons I like to work on while bonding with a new horse are:

  • Leading, stopping and backing up.
  • Respect personal space - this includes leaning on me or mouthing
  • Stand still patiently
  • Allow feet being picked up for cleaning
  • Allow grooming while standing quietly

I may spend a week doing nothing more with my horse. I may move on to more advanced things the second day. It's your choice, but always remember that the stronger foundation you can build to allow your horse to trust you, the stronger the bond will be as it grows.

By spending several days with the easy stuff, my horse learns how I react to his mistakes. He learns that I won't shout or hit him. He learns that I will ask again and again until he gets it right - and once he gets it right, I will pet him and praise him. And, occasionally, he will get a treat. He learns to trust me.

More importantly, he learns my body language. Later I will teach him the words that go with my body language, but in the beginning it is faster to let them learn your body language. Horses are hypersensitive to body language so if you are consistent, they will pick it up very fast. Practice your body language so it is consistent for the fastest results.

Build this strong bond and you will be rewarded with a horse who pays attention to you and wants to please you.

Of course you can always play horse games online. All the free horse games that you can play online.

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