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The ideal situation in trailer training a horse is starting them at a very young age so they think that loading up to go somewhere is a normal everyday event. Unfortunately not everyone has that luxury and usually gets a horse that has already had a bad experience with a trailer. It usually means they have been forced into a trailer with an impatient owner or maybe tossed around during the drive and had to scramble to keep standing which made them fearful. There are some horses that just simply refuse to get in because they can. Whatever their past experience is, it does not change the fact that they won't get in.

If you have that fearful horse, patience is the key to success. First you must earn the respect and trust of the horse. Horses are naturally herd animals and have a definite pecking order. Establishing alpha status is important in order for them to learn to respect you. Do a lot of ground work such as working in the round pen to help establish that status. Once you have gained that trust and respect it will be much easier to ask the horse to do what he is fearful of. Trailer training a horse will definitely challenge your patience.

This is also true with the disobedient horse that just refuses to get into the trailer. If you have set basic ground rules for the horse to follow, trailer training will be less stressful. When asking this horse to load and he begins to fight by refusing, DO NOT fight back. Try to stay calm but forceful in what you are asking him to do. The horse will feed off of the energy you put forth if you fight with him. This will only make him stronger and more willing to refuse what you are asking of him. Instead, keep his mind off of what the task at hand is, loading in the trailer, and ask him to back, halt, walk forward, halt, etc. Then walk him around to give him a chance to calm down then start over.

There are several techniques to use when trailer training a horse. The trick is to find the one that works for you. I have had many experiences with these techniques in my twenty-two years of owning horses and have found the one that works the best for me.

For sure you can play free horse games online.

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